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Itemized Invenotry of Un-Salavageable Clothing

FireStar will always do our best to restore all of your textiles to their original condition, but not all textiles can be salvaged.  We can provide a detailed listing, including description, fabric makeup, color, and manufacturer or designer.  This listing can be used to claim your damaged items through your insurance provider.

Photographs of Each Item Inventoried

  • FireStar will take photographs of each items inventoried to provide you with the most detailed recolection of items lost during your claim.

  • You will be provided with a private link detailing all of your contents.

  • You can post messages on your photos, and FireStar representatives will get real time notification and respond to your comments.

Insurance Appraisals

Damaged Oriental Rugs along with high end Fur Coats and other sentimental items can be professionaly appraised for insurance replacement values.

Fast Computerized Process

Timely computerized communication makes your insurance claim a little less tedious, giving you soemthing to smile about!

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