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Celebrating 20 Years of Service to the DMV area!

FireStar Dry Cleaning & Restoration is a family owned textile restoration company, specializing in restoring the beauty to all things made of fabric.   


Have you had a basement flood, leaving that signed jersey from your favorite team soaked and covered in mucky water?  Let FireStar restore the beauty while protecting that valuable signature, like we did for Hall of Famer Charley Taylor.


Maybe you live in an apartment and your neighbor had a fire.  Now all of your clothing, shoes, that Balenciaga handbag, and your favorite high school t-shirt that you never threw away smell like smoke.  Call us, and we'll make sure that your expensive handbag can be enjoyed again, and your shoes will...well, smell like shoes again.


Whatever the disaster may be, Fire, Water, Mold, mother nature sends a branch through your roof, FireStar is there for you. Our Five Points of Restoration focuses on giving piece of mind to all of our clients, and allow to work efficiently with their insurance providers.


Save thousands of dollars in replacement cost by restoring with FireStar!

Fast Response

Accurate Documentation

Client Centered



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